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Zhongshan Dingle Industry Material & Technology Co. Ltd.

Address:An Ding Industry Park, Longxue Road, Nanlang,Zhongshan ,China




Free service telephone:400-6262-642

Company E-Mail Address:dg@dingle-tech.com


Service on your side

    We have been efforts to build partnerships with all the customers, and constantly strengthen the relationship, in the past ten years. Business development is the basis of mutually beneficial win-win is our adhering to the belief.  

    To be able to more quickly close to the customer, understand customer needs, when we pursue perfect quality products , we continue to improve the construction of service system, each of your needs and expectations will be our relentless pursuit.

    If you want to know more information,please contact the nearest dealer ,or call: 400-6262-642 or send e-mail to DG@dingle-tech.com. Enjoy our full support and services.


▲ Values listed do not belong to the standard value. In addition, we may change specifications from time to time in the interest of product development, without prior notification or public announcement.

      ▲ In order to confirm if it is right for the purpose,pretest is necessary before use the product. This product presentation does not guarantee not contravene any patent.

      ▲ all commodities,for general industrial use, such as to be used for other special purposes, pretest is necessary to confirm the safety before using.

Reliable products and service

  Dingle has a huge production capacity and global supply chain ,so we can provide resources and technical support for your production needs. Our products are superior in terms of performance which meet or even exceed your needs, such as:

  Excellent release properties

  Excellent flowing property, lubricity and anti-erosion performance at high temperature

  Convenience to use, good atomization effect, uniform coating

  After mold release, casting surface is bright and white

  Casting surface does not affect the subsequent coating process

  Mold does not coke, has less residue. No effect on the size of the casting