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For example:

A client with 800T machine produce complex multi-core products. There are many and complex cores.When using imported mold release agent of a certain brand , resulting in core fracture and aperture deformation. (More than 60 self-tapping screw holes with 12mm*ø3mm is not reserved for subsequent processing.)They stopped to change the core every three or four hours , resulting in low productivity and cost increase of the core . After several adjustments, they could not solve the problem. Finally they found us and then let us help solve the problem. After discussion, our die-casting engineers thought lubrication and coating adhesion strength were not enough.

Our engineers adjusted the formulation for this situation, we used our unique sticky protective TM factor technology to improve content of sticky protective TM factor in it. They used our products and then solved their problems. They produced their products for four days and did not break the core,the process was very successful.

Sticky Protective TM Factor--------Die casting protective agent, our many years of research and development, fine particles 20 nanometers evenly distributed in the release agent. When the mold release agent spraying the surface, retaining TM factors can stick firmly adsorbed on the surface of the mold.The temperature is higher, adsorption force is stronger , thereby increasing the strength of the release agent film. When flushing by aluminum water,it can provide better protection for the mold.

Sticky Protective TM------------Stronger Mold Release, Better Protection