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Teach you how to solve the hole in the die casting process

Read:10812017-03-07 17:19:15 

In the die casting process, light metals are often used. Since the inherent strength of light metals is lower than that of steel parts, it should be avoided to reduce the strength of parts. The holes in the cross section of the casting have a great influence on the tensile strength.

The porosity is produced by the high speed injection process of the metal solution. In addition, the mold containing water or the mold and the cylinder of any organic compounds decomposition will increase the phenomenon of stomata.

To solve the problem of air, through two aspects: 1, by setting the overflow and the exhaust port, the minimum pore phenomenon 2. Some casting agent from the mold produces only trace decomposition, and before all the water is injected into the mold in the molten metal have been vaporized or dry, thus minimizing pores.

The reason of shrinkage is that the density of liquid metal is lower than that of solid state. This means that the volume of the metal decreases during curing. As long as the liquid metal can enter the casting before solidification, it will be able to minimize the shrinkage phenomenon. However, due to the casting has many different cross sections, the hot spots of the mold is inevitable, some parts of the casting in the remaining part of the liquid remained stable after solidification, so the formation of shrinkage cavity.

The best way to solve the problem is to improve the design of the cavity, the pressure and the temperature of the metal. In addition, the cooling performance can be controlled by the mold release agent to improve the cooling area, thus solving the problem of shrinkage.

Thirteen years, has been committed to the study of mold release agent, and now the product has been able to improve the problem of porosity.