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The automobile industry drives the die casting industry, promoting the die casting mold release agent

Read:10102017-03-07 17:19:53 

Die casting involves almost all industries, die casting in electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and other industries have a wide range of applications. In terms of the number of large, many varieties, strict requirements, high quality and large amount of metal materials and other aspects of integration, the automotive industry should be the most. In the history of the development of the world automobile industry, the design and application of various parts, die-casting parts is one of the major research project, die casting industry in this regard as indicating an irreplaceable role. Therefore, the automotive industry to promote the development of die casting industry, but also directly promote the development of alloy die casting release agent.

Release agent to achieve the function of the lubrication of the mold, it will be in the mold surface to form a uniform release of the film, so that the casting can be separated form. Influence of die releasing agent using the effect will be affected by fouling and cleaning and coating quality feasibility and feasibility of casting surface style, mold and other factors. The quality standards of the release agent are mainly considered: the release effect of the product, the stability of the product, the user (and manufacturer) health or safety concerns, and corrosion problems. The release agent can improve the smoothness of the product and production efficiency, but also has a lubrication mold, anti-corrosion and anti rust function.