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Advantages and disadvantages of die casting technology

Read:10452017-03-07 17:20:23 


(1) the metal parts with complex shape, clear outline and deep cavity can be made. Because of the high fluidity of molten metal at high pressure and high speed, it is possible to obtain metal parts that are difficult to be machined by other processes.

(2) the dimension precision of die casting is high, which can reach IT11 - 13, sometimes up to IT9, the surface roughness is Ra0.8 - 3.2um.

(3) high utilization ratio of materials. Due to the high precision of the casting, only a small number of mechanical processing can be assembled and used, and some die castings can be assembled directly. The material utilization rate of about 60%--80%, the utilization rate of 90%.

(4) high production efficiency. Due to the high speed filling, the filling time is short, the solidification of the metal industry is rapid, and the cycle speed of die casting is fast. Die casting method has the highest productivity and is suitable for mass production.

(5) easy to use mosaic pieces. The utility model is easy to be provided with a positioning mechanism on the die casting mould, which is convenient to insert and insert the parts to meet the requirements of the local special performance of the die casting


1, due to the high speed filling, rapid cooling, gas in the cavity is too late to discharge, resulting in die castings often have pores and oxide inclusions exist, thus reducing the quality of die castings. Because of the expansion of the gas in the gas hole at high temperature, the surface of the casting die is bubbling.

2, die casting machine and die casting expensive, not suitable for small batch production.

3, die size limit. Because of the die casting machine clamping force and the size of the restrictions on the size of die casting die casting.

4, die casting alloy types are limited. Due to the limited temperature of die casting die, it is mainly used for die casting zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and copper alloy.