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Release agent has been approved by the safe production standardization certification

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The Zhongshan Valley is created in the safety standardization system in the process, to effectively enhance the safety standardization work, the company from the standards, objectives, responsibilities, measures, assessment and other aspects of the implementation, according to the plan, check and summarize the principle, combined with the practice, strengthen the grassroots foundation work, standardized safety management, and gradually establish and improve safety standardization system and management mechanism.

After operation, the control standards and norms, self rating assessment standard office organization, timely find the problems and shortcomings, the timely implementation of the rectification, improve the system of standardization, to guarantee the effective operation of safety standardization. In recognition of the standard has already been accepted under the conditions of the local production safety supervision and Administration Bureau submitted a three level of safety standardization acceptance application. Production safety supervision and Management Bureau of experts on the company Zhongshan Valley Industrial Mstar Technology Ltd conducted a safety standard for comprehensive evaluation, the basic requirements of production safety standards required has reached three grade enterprise.

Safety standardization is a system engineering, is an important part of enterprise management system, through long-term efforts unremittingly, in order to achieve and promote the establishment of long-term mechanism of production safety, can effectively ensure the completion of production safety target.