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When you use the mold release agent, how do you control the mold temperature?

Read:10792017-03-07 17:21:59 

The die temperature is an important parameter that influences the effect of the mold release agent on the surface of the die. Because when the mold temperature is too low (e.g., less than 150 degrees), then releasing agent spraying will be rapidly cooled to below the water vaporization point, resulting in release agents cannot be deposited on the surface of the mould, flowing from the mold surface to form coating. And too much water vapor will also cause the casting porosity. In addition, if the mold temperature is too high (above 400 DEG C), then spray mold release agent will be evaporated evaporation of the mold surface, no wetting effect. Only reach the wetting temperature, spray pressure and release agent can really type surface contact and eventually forming film.

Usually the mold temperature control in 180-200 degrees better, lower mold temperature of 270 DEG C, spraying 1S can form a film.